Our Pen is Our Power

Project Empowerment Volume Two: A collection of activist writing celebrating three years of creating change here at the Ruth Project. We’re using the power of writing to fight for a better future.

Knowledge Empowers

Our Pen is Our Power, volume two of Project Empowerment, is designed to explore a variety of complex issues in the world of feminism.

To celebrate our three-year anniversary, we discuss feminist environmentalism, sexual violence on college campuses, abortion ban litigation, how immigration impacts women, the impact of media on body image, and Justice Ginsburg’s legacy.

Ruth’s Impact Lives On: Our Fight

As we celebrate our three year anniversary, we reflect on the influence and power of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy on us. How has Justice Ginsburg changed the fight for equality?

Media and Predatory Diet Culture

From social media to the TV shows we grew up watching to celebrity culture, toxic diet culture that shames young girls is widespread. How can we understand this trend?

Abortion Ban Litigation

After the fall of Roe v. Wade, Abortion bans have taken the U.S. by storm. We explore the legal implications of these bans, what they mean for you, and how you can take action.

Sexual Violence on College Campuses

Greek life is a major source of sexual violence on college campuses, and we’re here to talk about why this is. What can you do if you witness hazing or sexual harassment on your campus?

Climate Change & Feminism

How does climate change impact feminine individuals disproportionately? And how can we use a feminist framework to better understand how to respond to global warming?

Gender Discriminatory Immigration Laws

From child separation policies to abortion restrictions to human trafficking, immigration rights continue to face attack. We analyze such attacks in a feminist context.

Writing for Change

This is the product of creative writing collaboration by Ruth Project staff members: Alex Risi, Madeline Severy, Hailey Donahue, Julia Squitteri, and Julie Wilson. Editors for volume two include Julia Squitteri, Julie Wilson, and Hailey Donahue.

Project Empowerment is an annual collection of collaborative essays by Ruth Project writers.