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Welcome to our hub for advocacy in writing designed to uplift, empower, and educate feminists of all ages!

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What Is Project Empowerment?

Project Empowerment is the Ruth Project’s education and advocacy space, made up of a dedicated team of writers using their collective experiences and narratives. Launched on the day of our two-year anniversary, the current phase of project empowerment began with the question: what is everything a 16-year-old girl needs to know but isn’t told?

That said, project empowerment is for feminists of all ages! Our topics range from self-advocacy and intersectionality to sexual harassment and stalking. All essays included in Project Empowerment are the products of a collaborative and inclusive writing process.

Advocacy and Empowerment

A collection of works ranging from knowing your worth and self-advocacy to intersectionality and educational equity.

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What They Never Taught You About Your Body

A collection of essays on body positivity and health.

TW: Eating Disorders

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Understanding Yourself

A collection of essays ranging from gender and sexuality to mental health.

TW: Mental Disorders

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Sexual Harassment

A collection of essays ranging from catcalling and toxic relationships to stalking and sexual assault.

TW: Sexual Assault

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