Project Empowerment

Welcome to our hub for advocacy in writing designed to uplift, empower, and educate feminists of all ages!

What Is Project Empowerment?

Project Empowerment is the Ruth Project’s education and advocacy space, made up of a dedicated team of writers using their collective experiences and narratives. Our topics range from self-advocacy and intersectionality to sexual violence and feminist environmentalism. All essays included in Project Empowerment are the products of a collaborative and inclusive writing process.

Starting in 2022, we release collections annually in September to celebrate the Ruth Project’s anniversaries.

The Feminist Essentials: Volume One

A collection of 14 essays ranging from knowing your worth and self-advocacy to intersectionality and educational equity, the Feminist Essentials is your guide to feminism written by and for young people.

Our Pen is Our Power: Volume Two

Our Pen is Our Power, is a diverse collection of six essays focused on topics ranging from abortion laws to ecofeminism to media and immigration policies. This is the perfect collection of articles to those looking to find their feminist niche!

Article Highlights

Knowing Your Worth by Emunah Garmaise

Self-Advocacy by Madeline Severy

Gender & Sexual Identity by Hailey Donahue

Media & Body Image by Alexandra Risi

Sexual Violence in College by Madeline Severy

Body Positivity by Emunah Garmaise & Hailey Donahue