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18 January 2023

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Youth in Seminole County, FL Speak Out About Title IX Negligence at School Board Meeting

Seminole County, Florida, January 18, 2023

On January 17, 2023, students spoke out about Title IX inattention and indifference in Seminole County Public Schools, which is negatively impacting survivors of sexual harassment. Fayza Jaffer, a senior at Lake Mary High School, addressed the need for Title IX reform and awareness in Seminole County schools alongside Gabriela Gongora Rosales, a junior at Seminole High School, at a Seminole County School Board meeting on January 17, 2023.

Title IX Ignorance and Negligence is a Severe Issue in Seminole County Public Schools. Between a Title IX report form that engages in victim blaming by asking reporters why they believe the incident happened to students not understanding what Title IX is to school staff not adequately helping student survivors of sexual harassment and/or assault, Seminole County is leaving student survivors unsupported.

Our initiative leaders, Seminole County students Fayza Jaffer and Gabriela Gongora Rosales, are fighting to change that. This is their second time addressing the Seminole County school board since the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year.


  • Title IX teaching protocol for ALL staff that is transparent to the public and comprehensive.
  • Students who seek Title IX support for sexual harassment and/or assault should receive mental health support immediately.
  • Students must be informed of who their Title IX coordinator is (and where) in every school, not just at the county level.
  • Students must be informed of what Title IX is, how it applies to them, and why the Title IX coordinator can help them.
  • Students must be informed of sexual harassment definitions so that they are aware of where to seek help if they are sexually harassed.

About the Ruth Project:
The Ruth Project is a gender equity advocacy organization named after Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We use mentorship and advocacy to teach students how to rectify gender-discriminatory policies.

We have over 10 initiatives in the United States and Canada fighting for Title IX office reform and school dress code reform, both on a local and national level. The Ruth Project currently has a 100% initiative success rate for all completed initiatives and has accomplished policy change impacting thousands of students across the United States.

Our Work in Seminole County:
The Ruth Project previously led a two-year-long campaign for dress code reform in Seminole County Public Schools, which was ultimately successful as of July 2022. Our initiative leaders, both Seminole County students, are now fighting to help sexual harassment student survivors by arguing for much-needed Title IX reform.

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