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All of our positions are volunteer positions that require determination, hard work, and communication with other team members. Specific position requirements can be found on the applications for each position. Our organization operates remotely, with some exceptions for initiatives that may speak and meet with people in their area. We host meetings once a week that all members are encouraged to attend, particularly initiative leaders, but our meeting requirements are flexible for our member’s needs.

School Dress Code Initiatives

Initiative leaders tackle reform of their school dress code to remove the discriminatory language, increase equitable policy language, and improve enforcement. We strategically mentor, train, and help these initiative leaders to build a strong dress code initiative. These initiatives involve the following: Public speaking, writing arguments, collecting anecdotes, meeting with school officials, and building a supportive team.

Click here for more information on School Dress Code reform.

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Sexual Harassment Initiatives

Initiative leaders working on sexual harassment discuss and create an initial plan. Usually, these initiatives focus on education about sexual harassment through academic institutions, grassroots lobbying techniques, or sexual education awareness. While these initiatives can often be more complex and longer in duration than dress code initiatives, they can be very impactful.

For more information about our sexual harassment initiatives, click here.

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Join Our Creative Team!

Our creative team includes graphic designers working on social media content. Creatives individually create their graphics, to allow them the space to have fun and do what they love. However, they still work together as a team, creating new ideas and techniques. Creatives also engage in video production and other forms of content development.

Don’t have much graphic design experience, but are interested in learning? We train our creatives in graphic techniques using Canva.

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Join Our
Outreach Team

Our outreach team works together to recruit members and support our initiatives by campaigning for local support, petition signatures, and student input. We typically do several types of outreach: Social media outreach, email outreach, press outreach, and other forms of online outreach.

If you’ve never done outreach before, but you love social media and have great social skills, this might be an area you would excel in! We conduct full training procedures for new outreach members.

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Join Our Team of Writers

If you love research or writing, you would fit right in on our team of writers! Our writers typically engage in the following activities: Social media content writing, research, argumentative writing for our initiatives, and editing.

While we do train our writers, this is an area where we do require developed skills in argumentative writing, basic research, and grammar conventions. This is a great opportunity to write about issues that are important and impactful to many people.

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Marketing and Social Media

Do you love making TikTok videos, scrolling through Instagram, or working with online audiences? If so, consider applying to join our social media teams.

Most people who apply for these positions work to build social media platforms for our individual initiatives, using social media to publicize petitions, spread awareness, and find local support for initiatives. We ask that applicants are proficient on one or more of the following social platforms: Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or Youtube.

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