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From now until September 12, 2022, we’re running a public comment campaign to show the Department of Education that new Title IX guidelines must include provisions clarifying what school dress codes can and cannot do under Title IX.

Welcome to our action page for Project 1996! Below, we’ll walk you through how to use public comment to take action for gender equity.

It’s as easy as…


Understand the proposed Title IX guidelines.

While the new guidelines for Title IX do clearly expand applicability of Title IX to survivors of sexual assault, K-12 students, and LGBTQIA+ students, we fear that the current information about Title IX is too vague for school officials crafting dress code policies.

That’s why we’re demanding that the Department of Education amend the proposed guidelines or draft separate guidelines that clearly state what schools can and cannot do under Title IX when it comes to dress codes.

But before drafting a public comment, take the time to understand what’s included in the proposed guidelines by checking out the link below.


Draft your public comment.

1. Introduce the perspective you are commenting from. Examples: “As a student in K-12 schools…” or “Speaking from the perspective of a Title IX researcher…”

2. Explain why you are commenting. What concern do you have? If you’re participating in our Project 1996 public comment campaign, touch on the fact that the guidelines do not explicitly address the application of Title IX to school dress codes. It’s important to explain the need for there to be clear guidelines for what schools can and cannot do in school dress codes under Title IX.

3. Offer evidence, research, and/or your perspective. For instance, Peltier v. Charter Day School is a case decided in 2021 that clearly says school dress codes apply to school dress codes—and therefore is a crucial point of evidence. You want to make sure your comment explains WHY dress codes should be addressed in the guidelines.

4. State your conclusion. Be clear: schools across the U.S. violate Title IX with dress code policies that ban things like cleavage, and it’s important to address these issues in policy to protect K-12 students from gender discrimination.


Submit and track your public comment.

Once you’ve prepared your public comment, be sure to check the checklist on the page to submit your comment on the 2022 Title IX guideline proposals. Avoid any information that may identify you, such as your name, date of birth, or address.

After submitting your comment, you can track it online. The last day to submit a public comment to the Department of Education for the 2022 Title IX guidelines is September 12 at 11:59 PM Eastern time. It’s best to prepare your comment ahead of time on another document.

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Public Comment Toolkit

Need help drafting your public comment for our Title IX guideline public comment campaign?

Check out our toolkit, which includes research on dress codes, Title IX, and additional resources, in addition to templates to help you craft a strong and effective public comment.

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