Initiative Petitions

Petitions are one of the best ways to spread awareness in online communities about issues that concern us, and when accompanied with strategic action, petitions can facilitate change. Check out some of our current petitions below!

Seminole County, Florida: Dress Code Reform Petition

This petition was started in August 2020, as part of our dress code initiative in Seminole County, Florida. In just under a week, this petition collected over 2,500 signatures, helping us build momentum for our fight to reform the Seminole County dress code. Help us build support for this initiative—sign our petition!

Martin County, Florida: Dress Code Reform

In Martin County, Florida, our dress code reform initiative has accumulated about 2,500 signatures. This show of support led to media coverage and school leadership responses to this petition. Help us reform discriminatory dress codes today by signing our petition!

Reform Pueblo County D. 60’s Gender Discriminatory Dress Code!

Our initiative located in Pueblo, Colorado is fighting to reform dress code policies and enforcement that are gender discriminatory and harmful to students. Support this initiative by signing its petition!

Reform the Sexist Decency Code in Lake of Two Mountains High School (Quebec, Canada)!

Our initiative located in Quebec, Canada, is working to change the discriminatory decency code at Lake of Two Mountains High School. Show your support for our newly launched petition by signing below!

Frisco Independent School District Sexual Harassment Initiative: Petition

In Frisco Independent School District, we have an initiative working to implement sexual harassment prevention education programs in schools by improving training for staff. Spreading awareness and showing support are two things petitions help us do, so take action with us! Let’s fight for sexual harassment education programs together, starting with our petitions.

Pleasanton Unified School District, California: Dress Code Reform

As students in Pleasanton Unified School District (PUSD), we can see the impacts of sexist dress codes every day at school. The dress codes put in place by the school promote a toxic learning environment for all students, regardless of gender. By signing this petition, you are voicing your support for the reform of PUSD’s inequitable dress code.

Rocklin Unified School District, California: Dress Code Reform

Our initiative to reform school dress codes in Rocklin Unified School District, California has collected about 14,000 signatures on their petition! This has paved the way for progress in this fight of ours, and you can help too, by signing this initiative petition.