Team Members

Lobby Fellow
Penelope Oliver (she/her)

Penelope Oliver is the executive director and founder of All Access Arts. This grassroots non-profit partners with shelters, community centers, foster homes, and disability centers to provide Arts, STEM, and mentorship to underserved youth in the greater Sacramento/Central Valley area. She has received the Presidential Service Award from President Joe Biden and is in the running for the Congressional Award, Presidential Academic Award, and Presidental Environment Award. Penelope serves on national and state advisory councils, does grassroots organizing, and is a journalist and reporter for Ed100.

Lobby Fellow
Alyssa Ware (she/her)

Alyssa is a youth lobby fellow for The Ruth Project. As someone passionate about helping others, Alyssa is being trained as a grassroots lobbyist and activist. Once starting college and beginning to study Political Science, she focused on trying to understand how to eliminate gender inequality. Alyssa has always been motivated by the idea of helping future generations live in a better world. She is so excited to be a part of The Ruth Project and to be able to tackle gender equality head-on and make a difference.

Outreach Team Member

Sydney Campusano

Sydney is currently going into her senior year of high school and has a passion for social justice and women’s rights. In addition to the Ruth Project, she is also a 3-year member of her school’s Voices of Change Program, responsible for creating positive change in their community. She joined the Ruth Project to make a difference through a women’s rights organization. Motivated by her grandmother, who raised two kids and three grandkids, she will continue to fight against gender discrimination in today’s world.


Madeline Severy

Madeline has a passion for helping the global community through advocacy, policy, and action. Inspired by the work of other youth activists, Madeline hopes to use her writing at the Ruth Project to spark important conversations that educate others through an intersectional and environmental lens. Madeline believes in the power of community engagement and grassroots activism to create palpable social change, and she is honored to write for an organization that exemplifies those values.


Tim Marsh

Tim is a fervent writer, genealogist, and bibliophile who is involved in the Ruth Project because of his passion for greater equality regardless of one’s gender. The great discrimination that he’s faced and seen first-hand has motivated him to champion others to fight the rising inequality between people. His inspirations range from historic sayings of Mary Wollstonecraft to Pauli Murray’s enlightening family stories in “Proud Shoes.” Tim is currently a writer at the Ruth Project and hopes to enlighten individuals with his rhetoric and promote the need for long-overdue gender equality for all persons.

Maggie Hungate (she/her)

Maggie is contributing to the Ruth Project as a writer. She is a student at UNC-Chapel Hill and plans to major in Journalism and Political Science. Maggie has had a passion for social justice and advocacy, active throughout her high school career within and out of school, and is continuing efforts in college through university programs. Women like Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Gretchen Whitmer, and her mother have been heavy influences on Maggie’s endeavors in a fight for women’s rights and carrying on Ruth’s legacy.

Aanya Rathi (she/her)

Aanya is a passionate writer and advocate for women’s rights from Northern New Jersey. In addition to The Ruth Project, Aanya works with her own non-profit to educate impoverished kids in India, inspiring her to be resilient and giver her best in whatever she does. Aanya understands the power of voice, and believes that the chance to speak up should never be taken from someone. Through The Ruth Project, Aanya hopes to educate people on the feminist movement and encourage others to advocate for themselves.

Fatima Ali (she/her)

Fatima is a creative for The Ruth Project. She uses graphic design to support advocacy for The Ruth Project for social media content and for graphic design needs for advocacy campaigns. Fatima is excited to use art and creativity to support gender justice advocacy, and hopes to use this as a platform to develop her own advocacy skills and make a difference.

Social Media Assistant
Chloe Wang (she/her)

Chloe is a social media assistant at The Ruth Project, where she creates content for platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. As an avid feminist, Chloe is passionate about dress code reform issues and reproductive rights, and hopes to raise awareness about these issues through the strategic use of social media.

Morgan Jakob (she/her)

Morgan joined the Ruth Project because she wanted to be a part of an organization that inspires and educates people all around the world. She believes in equality and empowerment of all people and wants to help people find resources and communities in which they feel safe. Morgan is a graphic designer who uses her creative skills to create a world filled with love and acceptance.

Lobby Fellow
Akshay Maheshwari (he/his)

Akshay Maheshwari is a high school student in Alpharetta, Georgia. He is passionate about activism, politics, and law and hopes to go into law in the future. As the founder of Naya Magazine, an AAPI-focused art and culture organization, Akshay is familiar with communal outreach, writing, and activism. He is a passionate advocate for feminist issues and is enthusiastic about lobbying.