About Us

Our Story

On September 18, 2020, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an inspiration for so many, passed away. That same night, the Ruth Project was founded from a burning need to continue Ginsburg’s revolutionary fight for gender equity. We are called “the Ruth Project” because Ruth Bader Ginsburg made it possible for so many feminine individuals to live independent and more equitable lives. It’s our time to carry on the banner of equality that so many feminists have carried before us. Young people are the future, but we must also pick up the fights of past activists and see them through.

The Ruth Project started as part of a dress code reform movement in Seminole County, Florida. We heard so many voices of young people suffering from inequity during this initiative, and knew that the fight was bigger than just Seminole County. The fight is everywhere.

Since September 2020, we have expanded, gaining over 200 members in 15+ countries in just a year! Our mission for every new member that joins us is to give them the community, confidence, and knowledge to equip them in life and as activists. Our story may just be beginning, but the legacy of Justice Ginsburg will carry us forward as we use our voices to rectify gender inequity in policies across the world.

We are the future.

We are the change.

We are the movement.

Who We Are

The Ruth Project is an organization of highly motivated and passionate individuals, striving to leave their mark on the wider world by combating gender inequity.

We are the wave of the future—spanning across oceans, plains, and mountains, stretched between different cultures and continents, but united by our commitment to expanding gender equity. The passion for change transcends the borders separating us, until we are more than an organization—we are a movement of young people teaching each other how to truly be the change they want to see.

We will not wait for change because we are the change. Being a member of the Ruth Project means joining a force of dedicated, driven individuals who are already creating meaningful, tangible reform in the world.

Our Core Issues

Currently, we are working on two main issues of gender inequity: dress code reform and sexual harassment.

We have worked with students in K-12 schools all the way to college students, listening to their stories about how gender inequity has impacted them.

Then, we take action. Those same stories that inspired us propel us into our initiatives, fighting the issues that discriminate against people.